2019 Aerospace, Defense, Government & Security (ADGS) Mergers & Acquisitions Update

Published on: 04/18/2019

Last year the aerospace, defense, government and security sectors saw steady Merger & Acquisition (M&A) activity, with a focus on transactions in technology, the aftermarket, and combinations which create leaders in specific defense segments. 

Our 2019 ADGS Mergers & Acquisitions Update provides a wealth of sector M&A transaction data and also discusses:

  • The outlook for M&A activity
  • M&A turning ‘from bits to bytes’ and the aftermarket
  • Private equity buyers and founder sellers
  • Serial acquirers and large transactions
  • Valuation trends in private and public markets
  • Commercial aerospace structural growth and threats
  • Defense budget returns to ‘great power’ wars
  • Pursuit of scalable firms within government IT services
  • Continued maturity in US regional aviation
  • Cybersecurity escalation and consolidation
  • Innovations in simulation and training

Key Contacts

David Brinkley

Managing Director

Ian Cookson

Managing Director

Tom McConnell

Managing Director

Hilary Morrison

Vice President

Tess Oxenstierna

Managing Director

Beau Roy

Managing Director

Scott Farnsworth

Managing Director